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Piling Repair


There are a few ways to repair wood and concrete pilings:


Wood pilings that are damaged due to bore worms can be sleeved with plastic and then filled with concrete to keep its original shape and strength. 


As concrete piling age, the rebar inside can rust which causes them to double in size.  This expansion can cause the concrete to crack and break.  Sometimes it is more cost effective to repair the piling rather than replace it.  We can jacket the piling with a life jacket and get back the intergrity and strength of the piling.


Piling Replace


We install bumper piling, mooring/dolphin piling, dock piling, concrete piling, lift piling, and Tuff dock piling. We also repair wood and concrete piling.


Wood piling are CCA pressure treated. To protect the pilings from bore worm damage, they could be wrapped with plastic. Piling wrap, if properly installed, can significantly increase the life of the piling.


Concrete piling may either be pre-cast or pre-stressed. Concrete will be a minimum of 5000 psi concrete.


Piling are installed by using a water jet. Piling may also be hammered. We use pnumatic, drop, and vibratory hammers to get the piling to grade. Pilings are driven tip (smaller) down butt (larger) up. This creates more skin friction and acts like a cork in a bottle. This helps piling from sinking. 



Shallow water is a common problem on the West Coast of Florida.  Depending on your location you may be able to improve your access. 


In most areas you are allowed to maintenance dredge with the proper permit.


We have dredged everything from Single Family docks that needs an extra foot of water, to removing 20,000 cubic yards for Fishermen's Village in Punta Gorda.


Please call us and let us look at improving your water access.

Agencies that we work with:


ACOE  (Army Corp's of Engineering)

US Fish and Wildlife

NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service)



DEP (Department of Environmental Protection)

SWFWMD (Southwest Florida Water Management District)



City of Sarasota

Sarasota County

City of Venice

City of North Port

Charlotte County

City of Punta Gorda

Lee County

Desoto County


Special Knowledge-

Myakka Wild and Senic

Occupations of Easement

Aquatic Perserve Rules

Mangrove Mitigation

Small Tooth Sawfish




Sheet Piling


We set steel, vinyl, or composite sheet piling for temporary or permanent install.


So if you need a coffer dam, wier, seawall or retaining wall or spill way, we are able to accommodate.


Please give us a call.



Permitting in Southwest Florida can be a difficult process.  Permits can take a few weeks to a few years.


Let Charlotte County Seawalls handle the research, communication, and paperwork needed for you to build your project.  We will make sure you have all the proper permits so you are protected and fully legal.


With more than 37 years experience in Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, and Desoto counties.  We have the relationships, with the agencies, knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply to marine construction.  We also can partner with engineers, surveyors, lawyers, and biologist on large or special projects as needed.







However, sometimes when purchasing a waterfront home or lot a written inspection is needed.  This can be done on seawalls, docks, or boat lifts.  

We give a written description of the marine structure we are inspecting, along with the condition, and recommended repairs.  


This is a visual inspection, therefore any hidden structural defects or unforeseen impediments in installation may not be documented in an inspection. 


Marina's/ Condos

With over 35+ years of experience Charlotte County Seawalls has the industry knowledge and experience to take you through the entire process. From  consultation, design, permitting, installation, and maintenance of the marina or multi-slip condo. Whether the basin needs dredging, repairs, replacement, or the design of a new marina we have the capabilities to get the job done.


Below is a list of some of the projects we have completed through the years:


Fishermen's Village

Grassy Point Marina

Casey Key Marina

Clipper Cove Condos

Mondovi Bay Condos

Schooner Cove Condos

Gasparilla Marina

Boca Bay Masters Association

Holiday Inn

Harbor Cove Condos


Gasparilla Inn

Maple Leaf Estates

Windmill Village

Emerald Point

Boat Ramps
Boat ramps are commonly used in municiple applications, however we have installed many boat ramps for  private homeowners. 
Navigational Signs

Navigational signs and channel markers are the roadsigns of the waterways. Telling us where the channel is, the sandbars are, where to watch our speed, and where to watch out for endangered species. 


Whether installation or repairs of existing signage we have worked for US Fish and Wildlife, Charlotte County , City of Punta Gorda, private condos and home owner associations to keep the channel clearly marked.

Water Control Structures- Weirs

Southwest Florida has many water control structures and weirs. They are designed to control water retension for water quality and flood control.  They can be made from concrete, steel, stainless steel, or alluminum. 


The latest water control structure was 109 in the City of North Port- Coral Sands was the general contractor. 

* Installed and uninstalled the coffer dam

* Placed rip rap in front of the concrete 

* Romoved old steel gates 

* Installed new stainless steel gates

* Sandblasted and painted all of the steel.


The latest weir was for Rotonda Homeowners Association.

* Installed a concrete weir at the Whitemarsh canal. That consisted of a 10' tall concrete seawall installed 90% in the ground. Instalation of a fabriform concrete apron and placement of rip rap.

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