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The Process


1.    Free Estimate

2.    Contract

3.    Project design

4.    Permitting

5.    Ordering Material

6.    Job Site Installation

7.    Inspections as needed

8.    Project Completion

9.    Final Inspections

10.  Post Project Service- Ie: Lift Adjustments



Environmental Statement


Florida has a diverse and amazing ecosystem.  We have many endangered species throughout florida.  For this reason we, try to minimize or have low impact on the environment; completing every job with respect to the surrounding landscape and marine wildlife.


The installation of a vinyl seawalls helps encourage environmental protection and longevity.


Whenever possible we use recycled products and alternative decking such as Trex or Timber Tech.


On open water, we use 1/2" spacing between all decking to insure sunlight will permeate to underwater marine life.


We work closely with government agencies to ensure our projects follow the strict environmental rules and regulations that govern marine construction.


We use piling wrap whenever possible to limit the treatment compounds used from leaching into the water.  Piling wrap also reduces wood boring worms from attaching to the piling and destroying them.   


Turbidity screens are used to protect the surrounding environment from contamination while constructing seawalls, installing piling, and while dredging.

Importance of a licensed contractor


A licensed contractor has to pass a construction state regulated exam. After passing the contractors competency exam, the licensee must complete an application process.  This includes verifying the personal and business financial stability of the applicant, as well as several background checks. Once licensed, the contractor must complete continuing education courses every two years to maintain their license.


To perform work at your home or business, a contractor needs to be licensed within the city or county of which the project is located and/or state license.  


A licensed contractor is to display their license number on all contracts, permits and advertising.  If a contractor is not displaying this information, they may not be licensed.



Importance of Insurance


Hiring a contractor without insurance, leaves a home owner or business responsible for an injured worker.  These could be expenses to a hospital, doctor, or even a lawyer to represent yourself against a injury claim.  


There are several different types of insurance that are required to operate a business.  As a marine contractor, additional coverage is required to protect employees while traveling on the water and working over the water. 


ANY contractors that work over navigable waters, even plumbers and electrictions, should have USL&H coverage. THERE ARE NO EXEMPTIONS! 


Additionally, when workstations or vessels are used, the contracor should have Jones Act coverage.  This is to cover the workstations and driver while in route (on open water) from one project to another.

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