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Signs Your Seawall Needs to Be Replaced:

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is “how do I know when it’s time to replace my seawall?” Or alternatively, “can my seawall be repaired or does it need to be replaced?”

This is a very important question to ask! A seawall prevents erosion from waves and helps to maintain the size of your property. A failing seawall can lead to property damage, and costly repairs. Furthermore, if you are looking into purchasing a property, knowing the signs of a failing seawall could save you thousands of dollars. Keeping this in mind, here are a few critical signs that your seawall may be in need of replacement:

  1. Bends or curves in the seawall- unless you live on a lot that has a radius, seawalls are poured to maintain a straight property line. Therefore, if you look down your seawall and notice a bend, you may be looking at a replacement!

  2. Cracks- It’s important to note that not every crack on your seawall spells doom. Concrete naturally cracks over time, but depending on the location and severity of the cracks, you may be looking at a replacement. In particular, a horizontal crack just below the seawall cap is normally an indication that the seawall has failed.

  3. Rusted steel rods in seawall- Steel rods within the seawall support the overall structure and shape of your wall. As saltwater enters the concrete these beams expand and rust, which ultimately causes those concerning cracks mentioned in item number 2! If you have exposed rods and you can see that they are rusting, its probably time for a replacement.

  4. Fractures and concrete fallout- Finally the most obvious sign of seawall failure is when you experience fracturing or concrete fallout from your wall. To explain both of these issues in plain terms, a fracture is when the wall literally splits in half and concrete fallout is when a large chunk of concrete breaks off your seawall! At this point, your seawall has lost its structural integrity, and needs to be replaced.

Still a little unsure if these signs describe your seawall? For visual reference checkout the videos below where owner Zac Extejt walks you through a standard seawall replacement estimate! These same videos can also be viewed on our Facebook Page! However, please keep in mind that just because the seawalls in these videos have failed, there are still lots of examples in which seawalls CAN be repaired!

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