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EcoPile vs. Traditional Piling

If you have a dock or boat lift, you know that traditional piling doesn't last forever. Piling experience defibration, are prone to wood-boring organisms, and eventually fail. Because piling provides the structure for your dock and lift, there's a good chance too many failing piling mean that you may be looking at a premature repair or replacement.

For the homeowner who wants less dock and lift maintenance, we recommend EcoPile. EcoPile is more cost efficient than traditional piling because It NEVER HAS TO BE REPLACED. Other benefits of EcoPile vs. traditional piling include:

-immunity to saltwater and wood-boring organisms, this means your EcoPile will never rot!

-prolonged structural integrity of your dock or left, increases the amount of time and use you can get out of your dock or lift before a repair or replacement may be needed.

-environmentally friendly; EcoPile can be recycled, and don't leach any harmful chemicals into the water.

-symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing

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