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Let our service personnel maintain your lift. 

You want to spend your time out on the water, not working over it.


Cables and Pulleys

Cables and pulleys are one of the largest wear points on a boatlift.  Also, it is the one part that you do not want to fail.  On most lifts, if the cable fails, the boat falls.


On 4 post and 8 post lifts, most cables are made out of stainless steel.  If cables get crushed, flattened, or look frayed, it may be time to change your cables.


Cables typically can last 8-12 years.  If cables are unspooled, crushed, or wrapped on top of itself, it can drastically reduce the cable's life.


Pulleys can be made of plastic, steel (galvanized) or aluminum.  As pulleys wear out, they will get razor thin or can stop spinning. If this occurs, the cable will cut into them until they wedge themselves into the pulley or cut the cable.


As pulleys get too thin, the cable can stop tracking in the pulley, jump off, and wedge itself into the beam assembly.


Motors, Belts, Gearboxes


Motors on newer lifts are typically sealed.  On older lifts, open motors can get mud dobbers in the winders and contacts of the motors.  This can cause complications in the inner workings of the motor.  Sometimes the motor can be easily cleaned and maintenced to correct the problem.  If it can not be repaired, we find that replacing the motor is the best solution to the problem. Motor replacements come with a 2 year warranty.


Belts and pulleys are on not found on all lifts but still need to be serviced to avoid excessive wear or damage.


Gearboxes come in several styles such as, worm gear, flat plate, chain drive, and sealed gear.  If your gearbox is making noise it could just need grease, or could have a problem and need replacing.  If your lift coast when the lift is turned off, this is a situation that should be addressed.

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