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Why have a Boat Lift

  •   A lift gets your boat out of the water, and keeps your  hull clean and safe

  •   No need for bottom paint- which maintains hull performance and fuel efficiency

  •  Quicker access to the water

  •   More time on the water- easier than trailering


We are proud to be an exclusive Hi-Tide dealer

We have a boat lift for every budget. Hi-Tide lifts are available from

1,500 lbs to 120,000 lbs.Lifts are constructed from Aluminum or

Galvanized materials.


Different Types of Lifts:

(Click here to learn more about Hi-Tide Boat Lifts)


               4 Post and 8 Post

- Gear Drive                -  Elevators

- X2 Gear Drive              (Aluminium & Galvanized)

- Yacht Drive               - Personal Watercraft

- Topless                     -  Davits

- T2 Topless                                       


- Aluminum Catwalk               - Aluminum Service Platform

- Boarding Platforms              - Remote Controls   

- Boathouse Brackets             - Keel Supports                

- Bunks                                   - Angled Lifter Beams

We install ALL Boat lift manufactures.


We can take your old lift in trade. We can also move your lift to a

new location

Lift Service Maintenance and Repair:

For ALL manufactures:

We provide annual and semi annual service agreements.

- Full inspection checklist

- Grease and lubricated where possible (fittings,cables,chains, switches)

- Make sure cables are wrapped and adjusted properly

- Repair damaged lifts

- Upgrade lifts or conversions

- Install accessories


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